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As concerns about the future of our environment are becoming the forefront of our culture, it is important that each of us reflects on what we can do as individuals to impact this future. Daily there are choices made that either impact this future in a negative or positive way. As a company, Campbell’s Tile Concepts, has made the choice in working toward a greener tomorrow. What this means to us is to make changes within the company in our daily operations and offer options to our customers that can, hopefully, impact the future of our environment in a positive way, or at least slow down or minimize the negative impact.

These are things we do on a daily basis in working toward a greener tomorrow.

  1. We actively research available products in the marketplace that work toward environmental sustainability.

  2. We have created a "green" tile display with eco-friendly products.

  3. Use as much products that have points for LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

  4. Use products with recycled content when available.

  5. Use Mold/Mildew resistant applications/Products

  6. Donate extra materials to Habitat for Humanity/Rebuild Center

  7. Re-use extra installation products from other jobs

  8. Recycle

    a) Cardboard
    b) Bottles & Cans
    c) Paperd.
    d) Ink Cartridge

  9. Encourage & recommend tile made locally or with recycled content

  10. Utilize fuel effective vehicles

We will continue in our efforts to do what we can to minimize our environmental footprint on our earth and to continue in working toward a greener tomorrow.


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